Integrated Network kc2 久保田正一建築研究所|プロフィール
Integrated Network kc2 久保田正一建築研究所|我々は「創る」活動を続けています。

Integrated Network kc2 久保田正一建築研究所 | PROFILE-プロフィール

  • Masakazu Kubota

    Principal of studio architect Masakazu Kubota
    Part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design

    1963 born in Shizuoka, Japan
    1986 graduated from Department of Architecture, Kyoto University
    1988 completed post-graduate course of Architecture, Kyoto University
    1993 Principal, studio architect Masakazu Kubota, Kyoto+Shizuoka

    Planned the architectural works of more than 50 to date.

  • Book and translation
    『case study house』 (1997 joint authorship,translation. Published by SUMAI Library PublishingCompany)
    『landscape design』 (1998 joint authorship. Published by Showado)